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May 25, 2017

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After Foundation and Just Before Flooring

September 6, 2017

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Fairmont Scope of Work Walk-Through

June 19, 2017

Hey everyone, it's Greg Saunders with Oak Alley Capital and I am here at Fairmont, on the first day of our flip. So, I wanted to give you a quick walk through and overview of what we're doing. So come on in, we'll take a walk..


Now, we've got this front room which, we're going to turn into a fourth bedroom. Right now, the house is already four, but we're going to end up building some shelves and a closet and I'll show you why we're doing that later.


Now, here's the living room, which is open to the kitchen. We're going to blow out the entire kitchen to the sheet rock. And we're going to move this load bearing wall all the way to the backside, taking out this closet. On the other side is the water meter, and we don't want to move the plumbing on that. But, we are going to open up this entire living space into one very open and friendly, modern house.


If you guys want to come through the hallway, we have a small bedroom over here. There's really not that much that we can do to this. Same thing about the third bedroom, which is over on the side. We're going to end up just doing a basic remodel on that.


Now, this fourth bedroom is the one that's going to have the biggest transformation. Because, what we're going to end up doing, is taking out this window, moving this wall 36 inches in, removing the closet, and turning this bedroom into a master closet.


So, we're going to convert that dead space, the formal dining or living area, and keep the number of bedrooms the same, but add some utility. Now, our second bathroom is going to remain the same as far as layout is concerned. But, once we come into the master bedroom, you can see it's a pretty normal size for a house this age.


So, the first thing that we're going to do is to move this sidewall 36 inches out into the hallway. We're also going to open the door so that way, that third bedroom is going to become the master closet. By doing that, we're going to add another 90 square foot of space inside the master, and it also gives us the opportunity to take this very dated style of bathroom and just remodel it to the studs.


So, we're going to move the toilet from the left side, over to this right side. That will open up the shower, to be a nice two person walk in shower and, it'll allow us to move these interior walls about 24 inches on each side, making this a very friendly modern style.


So guys, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Reach out through the website or greg@oakalley.com, and I'll talk with you soon.


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