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Blog articles, and Updates

May 9, 2018

Hey everyone, it's Greg Saunders with Oak Alley Capital. And I am here inside of our new flip in Jerrell Texas. Now this is the first time that we're working in this area and it's a small suburb, nestled between Roundrock and Waco. So kind of middle of nowhere. But if you work in North Austin or Roundrock or Georgetown, these are very affordable housing a...

September 6, 2017

In our on going series for pulling back the curtain on flipping houses, we wanted to show people what happens after you level the foundation but want to put down a laminate or thin type of flooring.

One of the steps that is most commonly overlooked is using self-leveling concrete to take out any low spots created by the clear underneath the foundation.


August 22, 2017

This week on our Dominic flip, we ran into an unexpected expense in needing to replace the sheetrock in the kitchen and living room. This repair caught us off guard because it wasn't something we were expecting because the texture covered over all the flaws.

When we purchased the asset, it was obvious there was a little bit of a bend in the ceiling between...

As ugly as it gets! Down and dirty, just before Inspection (and filling and leveling cement)

July 11, 2017

So wanted give everyone a quick update on how our flip at Fairmont is going. To be honest we're having a little bit of difficulty getting our contractors out and on time, but fortunately we are early enough in the process that there's enough work to go around.

The exterior photo shows that we have started replacing the exterior siding which should only tak...

June 19, 2017

Hey everyone, it's Greg Saunders with Oak Alley Capital and I am here at Fairmont, on the first day of our flip. So, I wanted to give you a quick walk through and overview of what we're doing. So come on in, we'll take a walk..

Now, we've got this front room which, we're going to turn into a fourth bedroom. Right now, the house is already four, but we're g...

June 6, 2017

Hey Everyone - I am out front of our new acquisition: a single family home in Southwest Austin on Fairmont.

We picked it up from a wholesaler and it’s pretty destroyed inside.

It's actually going to be our most extensive project yet. We're estimating that the repairs on it are going to be about $75,000.

Now, as I mentioned, this was a deal from a wholesaler....

May 25, 2017

Strategies with our cash-flowing Duplex in the heart of Austin!

May 25, 2017

Greg Saunders: Hey, guys. It's Greg Saunders with Oak Alley Capital. We are here standing in front of the property we closed on on Wednesday. I just met with my handyman. We're going to go through, and do minor cosmetic repairs and then get this on market within the next 10 to 14 days as a seller financed property. Now what I love about this house in par...

May 25, 2017

Our Final Before and After pictures of the $10 house we picked up in Killeen, TX. 

Thanks for following our Killeen rehab journey - more to come!

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